Voice and Vision on the Edge and IoT is going to be a skills requirement for any voice solution provider. We have the tools and the skills.


Hi, I’m Robert Merrill Fletcher and I am incredibly excited about the new tools that are available to bring voice user interfaces to browswers, VA hardware, Raspberry Pis and more.

In addition, I own the leading artificial intelligence event series in LATAM so I get to see leading companies around the world.

I LOVE my job.  It truly is meeting “interesting people doing interesting things” all day long.  

Personally, I love boating and South Florida in the winter and the mountains near Asheville, NC in the summer.  Happy to take you to a boat show like the one in Fort Lauderdale if you are so inclined.  I am definitely a foodie, and at this stage in my life, that’s where I spend way too much money.. but what the heck, kids are grown and gone. 

Here’s my standard business bio:

Robert Merrill Fletcher, ChE has over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience in raising capital, startups, business operations and sales management. He is an expert in BPM (Business Process Management) and TQM (Total Quality Management). He graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Louisiana State University and after working for Ethyl Corporation in their Chemical R&D operations, he consulted with Shell, Exxon, and numerous other global petrochemical companies on projects around the world. He has done business in mainland China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, and India and has managed virtual workforces of hundreds of people around the world. He is an avid boater and golfer and has two lovely daughters, 

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