Hi, I’m Robert Merrill Fletcher and I am incredibly excited about the new tools that are available to bring voice user interfaces to browswers, VA hardware, Raspberry Pis and more.

In addition, I own the leading artificial intelligence event series in LATAM so I get to see leading companies around the world.

I LOVE my job.  It truly is meeting “interesting people doing interesting things” all day long.  I am very strong on voice and vision AI. This page currently describes a conversational AI program that is a true disruptor.

Finally creating a fully featured Voice POC is easy and quick.
(And the POC flows right into the finished application).

Robert has extensive experience in voice and conversational AI across the entire ecosystem.

Check out the video that shows the demo.

Functions are created based on roles. Not only is the customer supported, so is the owner, the service team, and the company.

The technical architecture includes the device, the VA hardware, edge/cloud, and connection to the enterprise database.

The vast majority of the program is ‘no code’. We use HTTP “get” to connect to external data sources.

Utterances and actions are captured for management, analytics, and improvements.

I have yet to find anything that we cannot do with this program. Please get in touch to discuss your application.